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October 22 11:31
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reply print email Source: Editorial: Pantego residents protest added sewer charge
A contract is a contract , is a contract.
December 14, 2008 | 10:12 PM

A contract is a legally binding document stating its terms. We the citizens of the Pantego sewage project were presented with a contract signed by the town council of Belhaven's appointee, and the Beaufort County Commissioners appointee. At the time of the signing of the contract the town council that was then in office had knowledge of the existing town statute, unless it is a new document.
From 2006 until now, I have not seen, heard, or read any where anything stating that the members of the Belhaven town council responsible for the singing of the sewage contract for the Pantego sewage project were declared mentally incompetent by the court system. So what we have is a binding contract on all parties.

Wayland T. Whitley
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