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Cook in the House

Rep. Bill Cook reports on the "short session"

July 27, 2011
We in the Legislature have been busy overriding Beverly Perdue's vetoes. Yesterday we overrode her veto of SB 33, Medical Liability Reforms, SB 496, Medicaid and Health Choice Provider Requirements and SB 781, Regulatory Reform Act of 2011. Giant steps for our North Carolina economy. Today we passed HB 854, Abortion - Women's Right to Know Act and SB 532, Employment Securtity Commission / Jobs Reform. We failed to pass HB 351, Restore Confidence in Government (Voter ID bill). As expected the vote was right down party lines. After hours of listening to us Republicans being called racists and anti-democracy zealots we couldn't get any of the Democrats to vote with us. However the leadership maneuvered the bill in such a way as to leave open the possibility of overturning the veto at some later time.

I am very proud of my fellow Republican's good work over the last couple of days. We were disciplined and let the Dems run their months with little rebuttal from us. However when we did rebut, we did it very very well. Today the Republican Whip, Ruth Samuelson, gave a Right to Know rebuttal speech on the floor that left few Republican eyes dry. Her speech was on point but deeply moving. Even the Dems were quiet after her talk. I am humbled to be on the same team with so many good and noble conservatives.

In the next couple of days we will pass the Redistricting Act and try to overturn a few more vetoes. There is talk of caping the fuel tax before it can go up again. If the next few days go as well as the past few days I will be reporting on more overridden vetoes. I know I have your support and feel blessed for it.

Bill Cook

The Speaker has issued the following statements:

"Today, the minority party put politics above principle, and voted with their Caucus instead of with their constituents. We were hopeful that following the Governor's veto, members from across the aisle would hear from their constituents and be willing to work with us on this very important issue. While that didn't happen today, I remain optimistic that we will accomplish meaningful voter reform in this legislature. In fact, to show our commitment to this issue, Rep. Paul Stam, our Majority Leader, voted with the opposition and moved to reconsider the motion to ensure that this bill can be brought back to life on a date of our choosing. I am hopeful that North Carolinians will continue to express their support for this critical issue and that their representatives will respond appropriately."

"Senate Bill 532 originally passed the House with 104 votes, and I am pleased it was passed into law today. This bill streamlines the agency responsible for employment security in North Carolina, and brings more efficiency to the administration of unemployment benefits. It makes the system fairer for employers and unemployed citizens, while reforming portions of a system that has been plagued by fiscal mismanagement. This bill does not raise taxes; in fact, it is one of a series of steps necessary to eventually reduce the unemployment tax penalties paid by the employers. Finally, the ESC and the Governor still have the power to address any concerns by the US Department of Labor. This is a pro-business piece of legislation that provides much-needed clarity for businesses and their employees when facing the prospect of unemployment."

"I applaud the actions of the House today that resulted in the passage of a responsible piece of legislation over the objections of the Governor. The Woman's Right to Know Act enables women to make a fully informed decision about whether or not to end a pregnancy, without restricting her freedom to make the final decision. This bill is widely supported by North Carolinians and mirrors similar informed consent laws in dozens of other states. I am proud of the bipartisan victory this override represents, and I am pleased that this common-sense law is on the books."

Speaker Thom Tillis

Rep. Bill Cook represents the Sixth District in the N. C. House of Representatives. That district includes Beaufort and parts of eastern Pitt County. He can be contacted at: or 919-733-5906 and he welcomes visitors to his office in Room 1303 of the Legislative Building. His mailing address is 16 W. Jones Street, Room 1303, Raleigh, NC 27601-1096. His home phone number is 252-946-5876. You can learn more about the committees he sits on, the bills he has introduced and his voting record by clicking here.
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