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Negative effects of government funding of illegal immigrants

April 28, 2011
The government funding of illegal immigrants, that don't claim U.S. residency nor pay taxes, is adding to the nation's debt. Millions of U.S. dollars go to help illegal immigrants pay for k-12 and secondary education (some even pay in-state tuition for college) as well as their welfare, Medicaid and other social services due to a lack of verification. Helping to finance illegal immigrants in a time of economic crisis is further putting the country in debt. Some undocumented immigrants do pay taxes out of pay checks (with fake social security numbers) and state taxes from purchases at the store. This is thought to counterbalance the burden of educational costs, but is actually far from it. Illegal immigrants should not receive government funding when America is already in a financial crisis.

Secondary education benefits such as in-state tuition and grants going to illegal immigrants are costing American citizens millions. It has come to be that, in many states across the country, if a person meets the state's requirements for residency, they can qualify for in-state tuition. It's improbable for someone who has an illegal status to be eligible for essentially a tuition discount for in-state residents when they're not even a legal resident of the country. Peter Kirsanov, a member of the National Labor Relations Board and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, asserts that the primary reason for in-state tuition is that the student's parents generally have been paying taxes for the past 18 years, providing revenue for the state's college, yet in some states illegal immigrants can become eligible for residency and in-state tuition rates within two or three years. Out-of-state tuition can be triple that of in-state tuition cost, resulting in a huge loss for the state; "according to the Congressional Budget Office, making illegal alien students eligible for federal tuition assistance through Pell grants would have cost $195 million in 2003 and $362 million over the 2003-2006 period" (Martin). The hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars being lost through tuition discounts and other financial assistance are also accompanied by the illegal loans that were made that attribute to the nation's economic crisis.

Fraudulent loans and mortgages had a large impact in the downfall of the nation's economy. When the housing industry fell and the stock market crashed many people lost their homes and other assets due to foreclosure and lack of payments on their loans. A large percentage of those who became victim to the crisis were immigrants. Many lenders were making it easy for illegal immigrants to obtain loans and mortgages by not requiring much documentation. Lankford found that "the defrauders manufactured and submitted false employment and income documentation for borrowers; most were illegal immigrants from Mexico. To date, the FBI reported, 'Fifty-eight loans with a total value of $6.2 million have gone into default, with a loss to the Housing and Urban Development Department of over $1.9 million". The lenders share blame with immigrants for this impact, since most of them knew they were committing fraud. The desire to increase business, obtaining which through illegal measures, has ultimately been the downfall of the United States economy. Immigration has not only had an effect on the economy on society in many other ways too.

Illegal immigration largely affects the quality, human capital, and the prosperity of the United States, particularly in California. When immigrants come in and already have a learned skill and some education, naturally it would have a positive impact on the societies that they move to. When people come into any country or new area and have little skill and/ or education, then of course the society will be impacted negatively.

There's more, and it even gets better. Click here to read it all, and don't miss the cartoon, even though it fails to depict one of the major consequences of illegal immigration: Crime.

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    April 28, 2011 | 06:29 AM

    Illegal immigrant is not simply a fraud by crooked politicians, it is a fraud by the DEMOCRAT PARTY in a attempt to retain power.

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    And another thing
    April 28, 2011 | 06:35 AM

    illegal immigration is a perfect example of the failure of liberalism. Liberals have a perversion that makes them feel they should "do something" to help others but in reality they end up hurting many more people than they help. If Americans knew how much illegals have depressed the wage structure, particularly of the lower paying jobs, they would rise up in arms. And the irony of that is that illegal immigration has done more to kill unionism than any other single factor. You liberals should think about that one.

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    So what are you going to do about it?
    April 28, 2011 | 11:56 AM

    You can complain all you want but it doesnt help the issue. We; the people need Congress to get off their butts and do something about it. They have the authority to change the 14th so in order to get birth right citizenship; one parent must be a legal permanent resident or citizen of this country. Havent heard alot of talk to bills proposed and actually passed to deal with this. They can also mandate and tie it to federal money; e verify for all jobs including independent contract work and for all people working including those working now so we weed out all illegals working and get our own legal citizens and or residents in those jobs.

    We also need the SCOTUS to rule that states dont have to educate all kids no matter the status.

    Can you commit to talk about this to your elected federal officials? They dont listen too well so it will take more then one session too.

    jm fay
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    Join NUMBERSUSA and the tea party!
    April 28, 2011 | 12:22 PM

    Get your butt out of your chair and get involved or your country is a goner!

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    NC Illegal Alien Crime
    April 29, 2011 | 06:18 AM

    If you want to see a small sample of the effects of illegal alien crime in NC, visit, scroll down and click on the "North Carolina Illegal Alien Crime Report" link. You ca also see the last two years worth of NC illegal alien crime in our "Archives."

    James Johnson
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    What illegal aliens have done to Saluda SC
    April 29, 2011 | 07:49 AM

    please visit the following website:
    click on the link "what illegal aliens have done to Saluda SC" and you will see actual pictures and a commentary from a local resident

    Roan Garcia-Quintana
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    Beaufort County...
    April 29, 2011 | 08:32 AM

    Our sheriff dep. needs to inforce the law when a person is charge with a crimme and when they are fingerprint send this information to ICE and if they don't have documentation they need to send that person to their countries. Why it is so HARD for Jordan to do his job.
    I was in court one day and I saw how easy is to get away driving drunk, no drivers license and no documentation of who you are. What we are waiting for.... someone to die before we deport this people?

    Crystal Clear
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    Earning Potential
    May 12, 2011 | 07:34 PM

    If the people coming here for a better life do not have the earning potental to at least cover the costs of educating their children with their share of tax contributions then they should be deported. Send us your educated immigrants that can contribute to this country and we will be waiting with open arms. If we are importing POVERTY that will drain the country then we are all jackasses. A better life should not be at the expense of taxpayers. Come here and be capable of taking care of their OWN FAMILIES.

    Jim B
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    Our US government elected officals have not and
    July 16, 2011 | 05:19 PM

    do not live under the laws they pass for U S citizens, we are seen as the "generic" class of people .
    The US Goverment puts more thought in foreign affairs & immirgation.
    Besides,how has immigration to the US helped solve proverty ,Legal or illegal.

    Retha Joslin
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    October 25, 2011 | 02:11 AM

    I'm looking for evidence that there is a net economic negative to illegal immigration. Can you point out the research/reports that balances out the economic inputs and outputs of illegal immigrants? I'm looking for research that shows the tax dollars paid by illegals vs. the public money they use. Thank you.

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    Here's Your Proof
    November 06, 2011 | 07:47 PM

    I just finished my 10 pages persuasive essay on illegal immigration for my college English class-I can attribute that this Congressional Budget Office report has countless useful and factual information. If you want to school yourself on just how negative illegal immigration is on our economy, take a peek.

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    May 11, 2012 | 10:59 AM

    Wow all of youo are crazy they are human beings just like us aint we suppose to be the country of freedom...yeah right there is no freedom over here. I am an American Citizebship and I think this is crazy that people still have to be this way after all these years. We are suppose to be better than that and show other countrys how we can change things in history it was done before and can be done again.....

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    May 11, 2012 | 05:59 PM

    Ashley, If someone breaks into your house, are you going to give them shelter, food, medical care and educate their children our of your pay check? That is what the tax payers are having to do for the people that illegally break into this country. What part of ILLEGAL don't you understand?

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    illegal immigration
    February 19, 2013 | 09:03 AM

    Well Frances do you want help when you are in need huh? and actually if they are here they will work and get money for this country you low life live in! So dont say were nothing and i can go all day if you wanted and im sure i would win!!!!! :)

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    March 18, 2013 | 08:09 PM

    Doing an immagration debate... Any tips????

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