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FEMA still has not been mobilized to fight the Gulf oil spill

But Team Obama has sent a team of lawyers to be ready to sue

Deepwater Horizon,
April 20, 2010
May 02, 2010
President Obama defended his administration's response to the Gulf Oil Spill by visiting the area Sunday (5-2-10). It was unclear whether the visit was more in response to developments in the Gulf and along the coast or to the growing media criticism and complaints from local officials about how little they think the Federal government is doing to prevent damage from the spill.

The Washington Times filed this report Sunday and Administration officials defended Obama's actions on the Sunday talk shows. Nonetheless, criticism mounted as a former NOAA official said that Obama waited too long to act. It was also revealed Sunday that Obama has still not called the Federal Emergency Management Agency into action.

Here is a video that illustrates the Team Obama Talking Points.

Here's the kind of leadership we've come to expect (when there is not teleprompter available):

(be patient, its getting a lot of hits. Stick with him. The crisis is not actually a drizzle. He get to the real crisis in a moment.)

In the meantime the leak has not been capped and the oil continues to pour into the Gulf.

Doug Ross has a chronology of visuals about how Obama has handled the worst emergency of his presidency, so far. Click here to view that.

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    May 03, 2010 | 07:33 AM

    The Survivors of Katrina and Rita are still reeling from respiratory problems caused by FEMAs formaldehyde trailer assault. Many of these individuals have developed multi-chemical sensitivity from that long term exposure to formaldehyde. The Government has begun using military aircraft to spray oil dispersants over the BP blowout site. Petroleum byproducts used in these products are reaching the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Government and FEMA continue to appear to lack the ability to identify their victim's needs. When your your head is in the sand looking for opportunities for FEMA employees and their cronies it is difficult to serve the citizens you were tasked to protect. It is my opinion that sending FEMAs carpetbaggers back to the Gulf Coast region is not a good idea. It is suggested that the government provide the communities with tools to help themselves.

    Jesse Fineran
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    May 03, 2010 | 09:05 AM

    With all the regulations on food and travel it is difficult to believe that the federal government did not have measures in place to counter something like this massive oil spill. I cannot believe that nothing can be done until 60 to 90 days. The poor animals and people of the communities that will be devastated by this. SHAME ON THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION for not setting back up plans to contain this spill and for waiting too long to react!!!

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    May 03, 2010 | 09:14 AM

    Seems strange that this explosion came so soon after Obama agreed to lease land offshore for drilling????? Does Obama really want this cleaned up or is this another way to wreck the economy? Even a company in Iran is ready to provide assistance in fighting the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Why is not our own government as willing to help? This just goes to show if the disaster is in another country we can be there to help in hours, but in our own country, don't hold your breath waiting for help as it probably won't get there until it is to late. Did not the government prove that in Katrina............. Did anyone really expect things to change when it come to helping this country?

    No name
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    It's Your Free Market, Baby!!
    May 03, 2010 | 03:49 PM

    Thought you freaks "wanted big gubmint keep hands out of FREE MARKET; no gubmint regulation needed & just like Wall St, BP wants help from the EVIL GUBMINT! FORGET FREE MARKET BABY WHEN WE SCREW UP! Where's our nanny state? Where's FEMA? HYPOCRITES!!

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    May 03, 2010 | 06:20 PM

    Did I hear right? Obama said make no mistake it was BP's fault and they will pay. Then near the end thought I heard him he said a full investigation would be made to find those responsible and make them pay.

    No name
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    cat48, you got it backwards
    May 03, 2010 | 07:18 PM

    oil drilling is one of the most regulated businesses there is on earth. And you see what it got us. It did not work. And now we learn that Obama's Monkeys were not prepared. Leave it to the gubbment and you'll get crapped on every time.

    Walter J
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