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Medical services to vets should improve with new law

Sen. Burr announces passage of HR 1016

October 14, 2009
Veterans, particularly those who have experienced long waits and difficulties in accessing certain medical procedures and services with the Veteran's Administration will be happy to hear an announcement today by Sen. Richard Burr's office that H. R. 1016 has passed both the House and the Senate. It now goes to President Obama, who is expected to sign the legislation.

Essentially what HR 1016 does is get Federal money to veteran's faster. In the past the money for many of the VA's medical services had to wait on the budget process in Congress to grind itself out. According to VA administrators this often resulted in a delay in the money actually getting to them and they have often had to embargo certain services until the money arrived.

Under this law the budget process is changed to send the money first and then have the Comptroller General's office monitor how it is actually spent, making such records available to the public. The idea is that when Congress authorizes certain medical services being provided to vets then the bureaucratic process should not delay those services being delivered.

Sen. Burr's press release said: "I am pleased the full Senate acted yesterday to pass advanced appropriations for VA medical care, and I hope that the President will sign this important bill soon," Senator Burr said. "Too often, critical funding for veterans' health care is held hostage to political gamesmanship, which is unacceptable. In a time of war and an aging veteran population, we have an obligation to ensure that veterans can get the health care they need when they need it."

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    high quality dental care
    October 23, 2009 | 04:32 PM

    I am 100% disabled from the Vietnam war, I received the purple heart, malria, ptsd. I am told by the VA dentist that I only qualify for the cheapest dental care, pull your teeth and slap dentures in. I was told they will not be balanced due to my bone deteriation, but I would learn to live with it. I spent one year with the 11th ACR in the Jungles of Vietnam, I expect more than the cheapest way out. I have been wounded in the jaw this is when I got my purple heart, maliria I came down with as soon as I returned home from Vietnam. I was told by my mental health doctors that I was unemployable. I lost my normal life due to the change that occurred to me in Vietnam in the name of surivial. The VA dentist informed me the cost to the VA to do the dental right was to costly. I think I have paid the price. 30% of our trooper were killed and 70 plus % were wounded. You tell me if the cost is to high. I served my country, now it time for my country to serve all veterans with the best medical treatments available. I am 100% disabled and unemployable by directions of the VA.
    I would like to know the rules and regulations concerns my questions above.

    Kenneth C Roberts
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    Project Hero Program
    December 08, 2009 | 01:07 AM

    I am being denied Dental Treatment at the Fayetteville, AR VA Dental Clinic, I am being required to drive to Oklahoma City VAMC for a second opinion. I am 100% permanently disabled.
    The VAMC in Fayetteville, AR refuses to comply with the Department of Veterans, and current federal laws. I was first seen by an out patient provider, under Project Hero, by his treatment plan was denied, instead of referring me to another member of the Delta Dental Federal Program in our local area, I am being forced to drive 500 miles round trip to Oklahoma City VAMC for a second opinion. The millage expense will be greater than referring me to a local Oral Surgeon, or Periodontists. I will need bone graphing as well.

    Please tell me what exactly my options are.

    Kenneth C. Roberts
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    Project Hero
    December 26, 2009 | 08:46 PM

    VA non-compliance by requiring a 100% un-employable Vietnam Vetern. I am being forced by the Rual VAMC in Fayetteville, AR 72704 to drive to Oklahoma City, OK VAMC for a second opinion dental treatment plan. What are the regulations concerning my Question. Does a qualified VA Patient have to travel 500 miles round trip when Arkansas does not have Oral Surgeons in any of their VAMC including the main one in Little Rock, AR. Give me all the information so that I may understand the proper proceedure of Project Hero when dealing with Delta Dental, and the VAMC Dental Clinic in Fayetteville, AR 72704

    Ken Roberts

    Ken Roberts
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