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Pay-to-play corruption case laid out against Tillis

Beaufort Observer agrees he should resign Speakership until absolved

March 24, 2014
John Rhodes, the former legislator ousted by Thom Tillis, blasted Tillis Friday and called upon him to resign. He indicated he is filing formal complaints with the State Board of Elections, the Attorney General and the legislative ethics committee. Rhodes included documentation of his complaints and allegations. You can read his statement by clicking here. That link also contains the documentation supporting Rhodes complaints.

Much of what is included in Rhodes' statement has already been reported. But to our knowledge there has been no compilation in one place of the complaints against Tillis, such as Rhodes has done.

The issue now becomes two-fold: Will the various oversight entities investigate the complaint and how will the Democrats use the information if Tillis wins the Republican nomination and goes up against Kay Hagan in November. Stay tuned. We're confident you will be hearing more about this.

PunditHouse recorded Rhodes statement and you can watch it below:


It's the pattern here that we see as the problem, as well as the associations Tillis has carried since getting into the House. Birds of a feather and all that. Taken all total it is a troubling picture.

The real concern we have is defeating Hagan, and thereby reigning in Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Many of Tillis' supporters say that he is the "only Republican who can beat Hagan..." But with baggage like this it calls into question whether he would even be a viable candidate if he is nominated. One thing for sure: The Democrats will use all this against Tillis.

Consequently, we call on Mr. Tillis to step down as Speaker and ask the Legislative leadership to appoint a special independent committee of non-legislators to investigate these charges and any others that anyone wants to bring forth. We think it important that whatever is going to come out do so before the May Primary. If the Republican voters then decide to nominate Mr. Tillis we think that is all well and good. But a cover-up is the last thing Republicans need going into such an important election as the U. S. Senate seat in November.

Simply as "Food For Thought" we would commend this article to Mr. Tillis for his consideration.

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    Fat chance
    March 24, 2014 | 06:58 AM

    Tillis will do the right thing. Don't hold your breath. But you are correct. He should resign, not only from the Speaker's position but from the Legislature and withdraw from the Senate race. Dems will make mincemeat of him in October. And speaking of October, expect more surprises from him. This is a trainwreck waiting to happen.

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    I have a crude email from Thom Tillis: What an A-Hole.
    March 24, 2014 | 04:03 PM

    I am an active voter, taxpayer and father. I have contacted my senators and congressmen on many occassions. NEVER have I received such an immature, crude and ignorant response from such a political figure... Until I received a response from Thom Tillis himself - on a Friday night at 9:45pm. I'd love to share this email where Mr.Tillis states: " Anytime someone threatens to vote -- I look them up..." - T.Tillis.

    It goes on to establish Thom as an ignorant, rude meathead that wouldn't be efficient at my drycleaning, much less a member of my States political boards.

    DO AWAY with Thom. He gives crooked politicians a bad name... which is hard to do - but Thom can do it.

    PS - On 2nd thought - PLEASE let Thom run for the seat. It would make Kay Hagans' job that much easier. I sure wish the GOP could get a clue.. Then maybe they could get real votes instead of buying them via The Cock Brothers ( Yeah I spelled that correctly ).

    Alan Thomas
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    Politicians For Sale
    March 24, 2014 | 06:51 PM

    Yep. Tillis is an A-Hole rent boy and Hagan is a Soros harlot twit.

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    Major Issue Here
    March 25, 2014 | 11:35 AM

    You all are so missing the point here. Both Tillis and Hagan, if you ask me, are pretty weak candidates. Tillis's skeletons are fairly well documented and known, but Hagan has little to show for her six years in the Senate, besides pointing to some vaguely 'moderate' voting record. This election (and six year itches in general) are more about which party you'd rather see control the Senate after elections, which is why I am probably going to pull the lever for Tillis in the end.

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    Tillis is Kay Hagen withouth the skirt.
    March 28, 2014 | 07:48 AM

    Akshay, you are so missing the point. Thom Tillis is Kay Hagen without the skirt. We need a choice not an echo of the same which is what Tillis going to DC would be. The idea is to reform Washington not support the status quo. Tillis is a problem. The Tillis campaign is in serious trouble.

    Swamp Fox
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