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NAACP trying to bully Variety Wholesalers/Art Pope because they don't agree with his politics

This left-wing bullying is wrong and all people of good will should go out of their way to support Variety Wholesalers

December 09, 2013
State Budget Director Art Pope responded Monday (12-9-13) to the announced boycott of his family's businesses by the NC NAACP, Democracy NC and the Institute of Southern Studies. You can read his letter by clicking here. Mr. Pope's letter speaks for itself.

What we would like to offer is what Mr. Pope did not say, but only implied, and then modestly.

Variety Wholesalers, Inc. is a remarkable success story in any honest person's view. It is a "homegrown" industry that has saved thousands of jobs in towns and communities where the loss of those jobs would have been devastating to small communities. Variety Wholesalers fits a special niche in the retail store industry in this state. It not only locates its stores in rural and small communities, but it also markets merchandise that provides exceptional value to customers—yes, specifically low income people.

But beyond providing goods to people at lower relative costs and providing jobs in job-scarce communities, Variety Wholesalers, Inc. keeps money here in North Carolina, rather than seeing it sucked out of our state and its communities and sent to Arkansas or other such places. And Variety has a long track record of buying from local vendors more so than many of the "Big Box" stores do. You figure who we're talking about.

And as Jon Sanders recently reported, the Pope Foundation gives more money to charitable causes, including food banks, relatively than almost anyone else. Compare their community contributions to some of the Big Banks that operate in the state.

Frankly, we are disgusted by William Barber, and his cronies', tactics. We would like to hear his response to the moral/ethical point Mr. Pope makes. To these boycotters we would ask: Would it be wrong for Mr. Pope to use his position in the McCrory Administration to benefit his family's business? Certainly. But if that would be wrong, why is it not just as wrong of Mr. Barber to seek to punish Mr. Pope's businesses simply because of political issues. Talk to us about "morals" Reverend Barber.

We wonder what Barber's response would be if conservative groups (vis-ŕ-vis the TEA Party) launched a campaign against the members of Mr. Barber's church because they disagree with his politics. Imagine the TEA Party picketing a business that hires the members of the governing board of Mr. Barber's church.

We don't know that the Reverend Barber has done so but we do know that a number of civil rights leaders have used threats of such boycotts against businesses who do not "behave" the way they think those businesses should. And amazingly, a number of such business have become huge donors to the organizations that pay many of these "leaders" huge salaries.

Let us make it perfectly clear. We are not suggesting that the TEA Party or any group should attack individuals or groups that support Reverend Barber and those allied with him. We think it their inalienable right to support whomever they choose. Likewise, what we ARE suggesting is that those people who disdain such bullying tactics as Reverend Barber is known for, should make a special effort to support Variety Wholesalers every chance they get, and to make a special effort to find chances to do so.

Variety Wholesalers operates: Roses Store, Waxway, Bargain Town, Value Mart, Super Saver, Super 10, Bill's Dollar Stores, Super Dollar stores.

Click here to go to to learn more. You can look up the locations of the stores at this website by entering the zip code in the search box at the top of the home page..

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    Bring on the hypocrites
    December 10, 2013 | 10:45 AM

    The NAACP, Al Sharpton, Barber and others continue to eat their young while feathering the nest of themselves. Would the income of these leaders be reduced if there was racial unity? I think so.
    This group and our current US President have created a greater racial divide. Now to further enhance their position they are willing to sacrifice jobs from their own following and the people they claim to defend by putting them out of work here at Christmas time. Did you notice that here again we have people leading who have never signed the front of a pay check. Maybe they should review the children's story of the little Red Hen. Bring on the hypocrites.

    Buzz Cayton
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    art pope
    December 10, 2013 | 10:23 PM

    Why should people who like poor people have the right to talk to rich people who just want their freedom to keep getting rich off poor people? Why should Art Pope waste the free market opportunities presented to him by other people's poverty? Why not just give the rich their due admiration? Is William Barber even born in America with such anti-American values? Doesn't he know the rules of the echo chamber around a distinguished man of hard earned inherited wealth like Pope?

    shocked and appalled
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    'Rev' Barber
    December 11, 2013 | 08:14 AM

    is an evil man, operating under 'religious' curtains.

    Did ya see how much money his groups take/get from NC taxpayers ???

    He has to pay for that new Cadillac somehow!

    Unaffiliated Voter
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    How much more stupid can we get?
    December 11, 2013 | 10:45 AM

    So Barber wants Blacks to boycott these stores because Barber thinks the company is making money while causing problems within the voting system, and praying on the Black community thru his company??? This sounds like the classic "cut off your nose to spite your face" fiasco to me. Barber wants 'Low income" Blacks to boycott a business, where the people can buy their needs and wants at a low price, and instead, go to a RETAILER who will charge more for the exact same items???? We MUST stop asking how much dumber people can get. They are now taking that statement as a PERSONAL CHALLENGE.

    Clifton Pyle
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    December 14, 2013 | 11:24 AM

    Barber is totally right in what he is doing! Why should poor people continue to finance the campaigns of the rich republicans so they can continue to create legislation to keep poor people poor and rich people rich. If americans could get jobs paying liveable wages we wouldn't need so many charities. We want jobs not charity

    frances power

    Editor's response: So why is Barber trying to kill the jobs of thousands of people who work for Variety Wholesalers?

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    FIght Barber's mafia tactics.
    December 15, 2013 | 09:37 AM

    This con man Barber has turned the NAACP into a mafia that is trying to put an economic hit on his enemies. NAACP gets various government grants and every one of those should be cut off to these despicable thugs.

    Also, with his absurd lies about the General Assembly, Barber is giving Obama a run for his money in the lying department. Maybe lying is in vogue with the extreme left these days.

    Maybe we need to identify those businesses which contribute to the NAACP and organize a conservative boycott of those socialist thugs. Turn about is fair play.

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    Slick Willie at it again.
    December 18, 2013 | 08:48 PM

    Slick Willie is doing it again. Barber is alike a bully that doesn't have his way and pitches a tantrum when he is left out of power. Willie's tactics is using children, Elderly and other's race or ethnic background for stage props while making out that he is righteous in his stead. I have dealt with barber and his followers in the past and found them to be racist and despicable than those they condemn. Their words and deeds lack a feeling of belief to others who support they are trying to garner. One follower called me a racist because I fixed his computer not to his liking and the shop owner kowtow to this individual who was running a scam to get a new computer. I tried my best to fix a computer that was 8 years out of date trying to link into a printer that was newer by 10 years. Barber and his ilk will continue to ride the gravy train within the black community until it comes to it's senses that all is not as it seems.

    Ricky Watkins
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    December 20, 2013 | 01:37 PM

    This is such a biased article, which speaks to the editor's poor job at reporting. Wow! I must explore this issue in-depth, since this editor does a bad job displaying a fair article where citizens can be educated and develop their own decisions.

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    July 20, 2014 | 08:54 PM

    I find this article and most of the comments to be completely out of touch. Does anyone in NC read or stay informed with current events, because the last time I checked Art Pope was chairman of Variety Wholesalers and budget director of NC with a direct line to the governor. If this is still true then this dude is one powerful individual who has the system stacked in his favor. Mr. William Barber is just good old baptist preacher doing what black people have been doing in the south for 100's of years which is pushing back against white oppression. A boycott over politics vs. command and control of the entire budget process in NC? Furthermore, how does the chairman of Variety Stores (that mostly sells crap from china/Asia which used to be made in the USA)become the budget director, it seems to be a conflict of interest both economically and socially speaking??????

    Replies to this comment:

    July 21, 2014 | 09:23 AM

    William Barber is a cross between a Marxist agitator and a mafia capo. His politics are somewhere to the left of Lenin and his tactics right out of Don Corleone.

    ''White oppression''?????? Give me a break!

    Barber is a major supporters of systems that allow vote fraud, and opposes reforms to make vote fraud more difficult. Is he just someone's useful idiot or is it more likely that he has some links to vote fraud himself?

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