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Kay Hagan trying to hide her role in making ObamaCare pass

September 14, 2013
Not only was Kay Hagan for it before she was against it, she was one of handful of senators that got ObamaCare passed before she had even read it all. Now she is trying to position herself as opposed to a critical part of ObamaCare…who decides who will get what medical care.

Jon Ham, writing at Rights Angles show how dishonest Hagan is being about her role in ObamaCare:
N.C. Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan enthusiastically supported Obamacare and bragged about helping craft it. And when it came up for a vote in the Senate on Christmas Eve of 2009, she was among the 60 Senators, all Democrats, who voted to make it law before anyone knew what was in it.

Since the, we've found out many things that are in this legislation, most of it very, very bad, indeed. Nearly every day there is another scary headline about rising health care costs, rising premiums, and, most scary of all, we have found out that Sarah Palin was right when she called the Independent Payment Advisory Board "a death panel."

Given all that, it's no wonder Kay Hagan is running as far and as fast as she can away from Obamacare. Instead of the feather in her cap as she faces a re-election battle, it's an albatross around her neck. To illustrate how frantically she's trying to distance herself from the Affordable Care Act, as it's benignly titled, check out this mailing I got yesterday from the senator:

Click here to go to the article which includes Hagan's propaganda piece.

Do you see anywhere in there a proud announcement that she was a participant in Obamacare's crafting as a member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions? Do you see anywhere in there that she voted for the very legislation that she is excoriating in this flyer? I don't.

Instead, I see her repeating all the arguments that Republicans made against Obamacare as it was being debated: bureaucracies getting between you and your doctor, bureaucracies deciding who would get care and who wouldn't, bureaucracies telling doctors what patients they can accept, raiding Medicare to help pay for Obamacare. This from a woman who voted for exactly these things.

And, at the end, she actually has the temerity to ask for our thanks for "working to keep medical decisions between doctors and patients," the one thing that everyone agreed years ago would be imperiled by Obamacare.

Oh, the other thing that's not on this flyer? The word "Democrat."

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    September 14, 2013 | 08:02 AM

    Unlike her "Supreme Leader" Kay does not need teleprompters she just looks to see which way the wind is blowing. Now that her record is being brought to people's attention she is backing and covering as fast as she can.

    George H. Schryer
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    September 15, 2013 | 01:26 PM

    I was wondering when the voters would
    wake up. Kay Hagan D from NC. She is
    a real blue jackass. How stupid can
    she be. When the word gets out she
    will get ONE VOTE

    It is our job to get her out of office. NO place to hide - fool

    R. Wallace
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    Kay Hagen
    September 26, 2013 | 06:47 AM

    It's become very clear that Kay Hagen does NOT represent the wishes of the majority of her constituency in regard to the current funding bill which provides funding for all government operations EXCEPT ObamaCare which 70% of North Carolinians want repealed. It's also clear that she is doing nothing more than spouting the party lines and voting against the will of We The People. It's time to fire here and send her home.

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    obama care
    October 01, 2013 | 05:53 PM

    I don't understand why the democrats won't let obama care go. I don't know a single person who wants it to take place. personally I blame the democrats for the government shut down. I will be voting against you when your term is up.

    clark albert
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    November 02, 2013 | 07:18 PM

    Kay Hagan you have the nerve to ask anybody to vote for you...we didn't want this healthcare then and we don't want it pack your bags lady

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