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Constitutional Convention--The real solution for the 2014 Elections

September 06, 2013
Everyone is talking about the importance of the 2014 election.

Will the Republicans keep control of the House of Representatives? Will the Republicans take the Senate? Will they have veto proof majorities in both Houses?

Will the Democrats take control of both Houses? If they do, what will president Obama do when there are no Constitutional controls to stop him?

I think the emphasis is in the wrong place. At this point the Republicans completely control 24 State governments (governor and both houses). Democrats completely control 13. That leaves 17 states with split control. If the Republicans take complete control of 10 additional state governments they will have enough states to force a Constitutional Convention.

With the control of 34 State governments they can pass Constitutional Amendments to address the issues they could not handle in the past 5 years. At a minimum they could pass amendments that:

• Term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court

• Forcing Congress to live under laws they pass

• Revision of the tax code

• Mandate Feds to develop all natural resources

• Define Marriage

• Clarify the meaning of Freedom of Religion so Religion is not under attack by the Feds

• Further clarify States rights in the 10th Amendment

• Limit the power of Non elected government officials and regulations

• Eliminate the power of the Executive Branch to select which parts of laws they will enforce

• Require a balanced Budget

• Require the President and all of Congress not be paid until a budget is passed and signed. Money lost will not be returned in the event of a late budget but forfeited to the treasury.

• Force the Administration to verify all applicants for benefits

Think of it, no requirement for Congressional approval. When passed they become part of the Constitution. The Supreme Court cannot overturn Constitutional Amendments. Congress cannot repeal them without approval from 38 states.

The mere threat of a convention has caused Congress to act in the past. The most effective of these was for an amendment that required direct election of senators. They were only one state short of the required number to trigger a Constitutional Convention. Congress in fear of such a convention and other possible amendments quickly passed the 17th amendment proposal for state approval with the necessary 2/3 majority.

32 states have initially passed legislative calls for a convention for a balanced budget. (34 needed.) Three have rescinded them (Alabama, Florida and Louisiana). We need just five more. There is no time limit on calls for a convention. You can rescind it. Nevada had one house try to rescind it and there is a question if legally one house of a legislature can take back their vote after both houses have passed something and it has taken effect.

Winning the national election will put many new faces in Congress. As with previous elected officials, many will not live up to their promises they made while campaigning. Some will be consumed by the Washington establishment and forget why they were sent there.

It will take 10 years to replace Rhinos in both houses of Congress. During that time we need to also replace the elected officials that violated their promises to the people. By the way, we also have to keep beating the democratic candidates our candidates face each election cycle. I am not saying ignore the National elections but increase the emphasis on maintaining and getting new Republican State legislatures and Governors

The solution is easy. We need to concentrate on local and state elections across the Country. We need to keep the State Houses and Governors we already have and add at least 5 new states to our roster. By doing so we will have the power to enact a Constitutional Convention and make the changes in a timely manner.

William (Bill) Moore was born and raised in Yonkers NY. He became a Social Studies Teacher in Yonkers and eventually an Assistant Principal at the Middle School and High School levels. He was Principal at Roosevelt HS for 5 years in Yonkers before deciding to relocate to Edenton, NC. There he was Principal of John A. Holmes HS for 4 years. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies from Fordham University and Master's Degree from Iona College, majoring in Social Studies. He received his second Master's Degree in School Administration from Manhattan College. Bill is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army Reserve. He is trained as an Armor officer and a Logistician. He served two years active duty in the 4th of the 68th Armor, part of the 82nd Airborne Division. In the Reserves he served as a Field Service Company Commander, Transportation Battalion Commander and numerous staff positions at all levels. He has received numerous awards including Administrator of the Year in Chowan County. He has had numerous yearbook dedications and was nominated several times as Administrator of the Year in NY. In NY, Roosevelt HS became a Model School for the Smaller Learning Community Initiative from Brown University. Bill is President of the Edenton Tea Party and a member of the Chowan County Republican Party Executive Committee. He is a current member of the Edenton Planning Board, Chowan County Juvenile Crime Prevention Task Force, and the Northeast Commission.
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    September 06, 2013 | 06:46 AM

    Bill Moore nailed this one. A constitutional convention is the answer. The RINOs and liberals fear a consitutional convention. Listen to what they say. They tatoo themselves with their stupid "staements of fact". Fear comes out of every pore of their disloyal bodies.

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    16th and 17th Amendments
    September 06, 2013 | 10:53 AM

    If these two amendments are not abolished, the feds will maintain power to do whatever they please. If the three branches ignore the Constitution now, what will prevent them from ignoring changes made by the states in a Constitutional Convention? If a Convention is held, we need to get it right. Repeal their sources of power to have (1)authority to tax personal incomes and(2)strengthening federal power by preventing the states to have representation in the Senate. The 16th and 17th Amendments have questionable legal passage origins. You can search the court cases online.

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    Convention of States Project
    September 06, 2013 | 11:02 AM

    I've had the opportunity to work with an organization dedicated to calling a Convention of States. It's called the Convention of States Project, and we have the resources and expertise necessary to urge and empower state legislators to call a COS. Check us out on Facebook or visit our website.

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    Constitutional Convention--The real solution for the 2014 Electi
    September 06, 2013 | 11:34 AM

    Outstanding article Bill, it was refreshing and brought hope to my spirit. But keep in mind the other side fights very dirty. We must work hard to overcome. It is hard to change the entitlement mentality.

    LTC (Ret) George A. Nelson
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    The author misses a lot
    September 15, 2013 | 02:20 PM

    To demonstrate how much Bill, the author, needs to learn, note he says 32 states have applied for a convention, then states some states have rescinded their applications.

    You can read the 746 applications from 49 states at Slight difference between the author and actual public record. The author also cites Levin's book for his amendment suggestions.

    Has he mentioned of the 12 proposed amendments in Levin's book, eight have already been asked for by the states? No. Has he mentioned of those proposals, two of these have enough applications each to cause a convention call? No.

    Perhaps Bill, the author, needs to read the facts some more before writing a column.

    Bill Walker
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    Bill Walker
    September 25, 2013 | 01:01 PM

    I agree with you. A Constitutional Convention is NOT the answer. Nullification is the answer. The founders gave the PEOPLE the right to nullify un-Constitutional rulings and laws passed by any branch of government. The feds can be nullified at the State, County and by the People.....If they only knew it and would do it.......
    In the words of Diane Rufino:
    No Court decision, and no branch of government can take away any of the protections of liberty (and limitations on government) given by the Bill of Rights. That is why Nullifiers, including Jefferson himself, believe that decisions of the federal courts are subject to constitutional scrutiny by the states for strict adherence to the Constitution and NOT to any interpretation by government itself.

    Nullification, in short, stands for the proposition that the federal government CANNOT be permitted to hold a monopoly over the interpretation of the Constitution and the definition of its powers and scope of government. Government is a "creation" of the People and not its ruler.

    Marbury was correct in several important aspects:
    (1) Justices on the Supreme Court are bound to interpret the Constitution strictly and according to the intention of the Founders and those who ratified it (at the time it was ratified). Justices are bound by ORIGINAL INTENT and STRICT RULES of CONSTRUCTION (words don't magically change definition as the times change and the Constitution doesn't evolve with evolving times. Only through the Amendment process (which is how the People declare their intent to alter their form of government and its terms) can the Constitution be altered or amended to reflect changing times.
    (2) Justices must adhere strictly to their oath, which is to the Constitution (as ratified) and not to any administration or political party. Anytime a justice veers from his oath and doesn't interpret the Constitution according to strict construction and original intent he commits TREASON.

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