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iCaucus votes unanimously to endorse Greg Brannon for U. S. Senator

August 15, 2013
Today, Cary Physician and Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Greg Brannon, received the endorsement from the Independence Caucus of North Carolina (iCaucus) and it's more than twenty affiliate groups across the state.

iCaucus is a National non-partisan, citizen led organization, dedicated to empowering the citizens to fully participate in the electoral process by organizing to counter the big money, special interests that are rampant in today's electoral process.

After completing the comprehensive iCaucus vetting process, Dr. Greg Brannon received unanimous support from over 200 iCaucus Affiliate Groups, members and citizens from across the state.

"Dr. Brannon has demonstrated that he is committed to fiscal responsibility through adherence to Constitutional authority. Through the iCaucus process we have determined that Dr. Greg Brannon embraces our principles and can defend them: individual ri ghts, limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets," said iCaucus State Director, Jane Bilello.

Bilello added, "The citizens of North Carolina, including the iCaucus members and iCaucus Affiliate group members voted 100% to endorse Dr. Greg Brannon, as our candidate for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina, 2014."

"It's an honor and a privilege to receive this endorsement. To have received 100% of the iCaucus vote is very humbling. iCaucus and it's affiliated groups have shown their dedication to identifying and supporting constitutional conservative candidates in the past. I'm honored to have their support and I look forward to working with them to put an end to the out of control, big spending status quo in Washington," said Greg Brannon.

The following iCaucus Affiliate Groups and their members participated in the quest to find constitutionally conservative candidates to represent "We the People":

9-12 Project, serving Cherokee, Clay and surrounding counties

Asheville Tea PAC, Buncombe County

Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots, Henderson, Polk, Transylvania Counties

Cabarrus County Conservatives, Cabarrus County *

Caldwell Tea Party, Caldwell County

Catawba Valley TEA Party

CAUTION (Common Americans Uniting to Inspire Our Nation), Charlotte

Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association

FTTF (Feet To The Fire), Wake County

Haywood 9.12, Haywood County

Jackson County Tea Party Patriots

Polk 9.12, Polk County

Randolph Tea Party, Randolph County

Rowan Tea Party, Rowan County

Shelby 912 Tea Party

Sons of Liberty, Buncombe, Henderson Counties, National Organization

Stand Up North Carolina, Iredell County

Surry County Tea Party,Surry County

The Tea Party of Greater Gaston County, Gaston County

WE THE PEOPLE of Franklin County, Franklin County

Dr. Greg Brannon is a Cary pro-life Obstetrician and conservative leader in North Carolina. A popular speaker for Tea Party groups the past few years, Dr. Brannon is the anti-establishment candidate running in opposition to the Big Government, big spending status quo in both political parties.

Opportunities to speak with the candidate are available for members of the media upon request. Please contact Campaign Manager, Reilly O'Neal, at (919) 605-7532 or email with questions.

Commentary--For those who might not have noticed, the iCaucus groups are located predominately in the Piedmont and western part of the state. We find that interesting and significant. This should give a significant boost to Dr. Brannon's campaign.

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    How can you get unanimous support of the members for a candidate
    August 16, 2013 | 11:38 PM

    How can you get unanimous support of your organization's members for a particular candidate? It's easy: by kicking out anyone who expresses disagreement!

    You think I'm kidding? Read it yourself. This is a quote from the iCaucus "Standards of Conduct" document:

    "Any attack on iCaucus, the leadership, other volunteers, or our candidates in any manner are terms[sic] for removal from the iCaucus organization."


    (I inserted the "[sic]" because they obviously mean "grounds" or "cause," not "terms.")

    So, if you criticize "our candidates in any manner" you've outta there.

    I think that's remarkably hypocritical for an organization that claims to value independence so highly that they call themselves the "Independence Caucus."

    Dave Burton
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    How to Change the Republican Party
    August 18, 2013 | 02:56 PM

    The GOP has become hopeless. Not a word from Republicans about the defense of same sex marriage from the Supreme Court. Some fifty years after the Democrats changed the word in the 1960's the conclusion has become unavoidable that there is nothing to be hoped from the Republicans. For now the best that we can do is support the Tea Party candidates who are trying to change the GOP for the better. I am glad that Greg Brannon is running for the Senate. He will win for sure.

    Nate Di Cola
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