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What Rev. Barber's NAACP demonstrations are all about

July 02, 2013
If you ever had any ideas that the demonstration the Rev. William Barber, the head of the N. C. NAACP, has been leading in Raleigh every Monday while the Legislature is in session were about what is "best for North Carolina" that notion should be put to rest with a story published Monday (7-1-13) by Civitas. The real reason for the demonstration is MONEY. More specifically the tax payers' money that Barber and his cronies have been living off of.

You see Barber, like the Rev. David Moore here in Beaufort County, has tapped into the Gravy Train known in these parts as "non-profits." These are paper creations that allow politically connected money laundering. Here's how the gig works. People who could not qualify to receive direct handouts from the government file some paper work with the Internal Revenue Service, to form what's called a 502(c)3 or some such conglomeration of numbers. With that they hide who's actually getting the money. They then apply for state and Federal grants for something that sounds really good…like preventing school dropouts, feeding hungry chrillin, providing free health care and this and that and even "affordable housing" (that's the big one for Rev. Moore). Take note: All of the ideas are great 159,732ones. But here comes the rub.

Once the "non-profit" gets the money there is virtually no oversight on how it is spent. The Beaufort County Commissioners have given Rev. Moore hundreds of thousands of dollars and have never received any data on what was actually done with the money. When you scratch the service with most of these non-profits you find that much of the money went into the pockets of cronies, often family members. Try to get a copy of their financial statements or audits and you get told "that's not public information."

And even if you do get hold of the reports they file with the state to make it appear they're being accountable what you find is that they only document financial transactions, not what was actually accomplished. They can't document how many dropouts they prevented or got back in school. They can't show that the feeding programs were more than "snack time" for obese kids. And in the most recent revelation from Rev. Moore, they aren't able to show that they actually built the houses they got the money to build.

So the mean ole Republicans get control in Raleigh and they begin to ask some questions about what good all this money is actually doing. And they begin to cut back on the handouts.

So what does the NAACP do? They start getting their lackies arrested to demonstrate how bad those mean ole Republican are.

But Civitas did some research and found that Rev. Barber's "non-profit" extorted $1,159,732 from the hard working taxpayers of North Carolina for his unaccounted for Rebuilding Broken Places Community Development Corporation.

Now you know what Rev. Barber is protesting.

Click here to go to the original source to read the rest of the story.

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    July 03, 2013 | 09:06 PM

    Lets just say this: ya treat a group of people like crap for 200 years then complain cause they don't measure up.

    I wonder sometimes how you would if the circumstance were reversed?


    Editors response: That is so yesterday JT.

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    July 08, 2013 | 05:16 PM

    When you can't make it anywhere else you can always start a non-profit. Suckers will donate to your non-profit and you can vote yourself a nice salary. All non-profits should be strictly non-profit for anyone save the cause. No salaries, no benefits, no politics.

    John W. LaCava
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