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An example of how both the Bush and Obama administrations have trashed our Constitution and robbed us our our fundamental rights.

You have a duty to your children and grandchildren to read and reflect upon this

January 29, 2013
Based on our recent feedback from readers, both those who agree with us and those who disagree with us, we have made a conclusion: Many people do not understand what Barack Obama has done to our Constitution. But of this we are equally sure: Never in the history of our nation has one made done so much damage to the constitutional principles upon which this nation was founded and by which Americans have enjoyed the greatest measure of freedom and liberty ever known to man. We also believe the primary reason for those blessings is what the U. S. Constitution has provided us for over 200 years. Now we are losing that protection, one small chip at the time. Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans who do not understand this.

We understand how this happened. It was precipitated by the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 and has been compounded by the subsequent terrorist threats both at home and abroad. To combat terrorism our government has taken extreme measures to "protect us." Many of those tactics have trampled on our inalienable God-given rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Now, having said all that, if you want documentation and specific examples of some of the unconstitutional actions our government has taken you cannot find a better exhibit than a letter written recently to the Wyoming legislature from Jeff Lewis and his colleagues at the The Intolerable Acts Action Center to go to the original source.

You can read the letter by clicking here.

One thing to keep in mind when you have finished this is that it is only one piece of a much larger picture of unconstitutional actions the Obama and Bush administrations have taken since 9-11-01. Many of these actions have included Congressional approval or acquiescence.

We believe very strongly that the only thing that will put a stop to the trashing of our fundamental liberties is for Americans en masse to wake up and demand that our founding principles be restored. You can best do that by associating yourself with other like-minded Americans at the local, state and national levels who are concerned about this issue. The Intolerable Acts Action Center is one such organization. The Beaufort Patriot TEA Party, or any TEA party anywhere is another way.

You owe it to your children and grandchildren to act. Today.

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