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Does Raleigh really want Arthur? Do you?

July 02, 2012
Does Raleigh really want Arthur? And do you?

The recent mailer from Arthur Williams and his wannabe Political Hacks, along with the recent article "Don't tread on me," had me biting my tongue, sucking up seat covers and just plain nauseated. It finally got so bad I've got to let it come out. Here it is:

How can we have so many uninformed voters? I just heard of a really good man who is going to vote for Arthur because he got him an appointment to see a certain Representative or Senator in Raleigh. THAT IS NO BIG DEAL! Last Long Session I went with two other citizens from Beaufort County to see various member of the General Assembly and just went to their offices and ask to speak to them about recovering a Domestic Violence Shelter that Author was so weak as to let the funds go to Pitt County and I had no trouble seeing them. His lining up an appointment was NO BIG DEAL. I could have done that for the man and I am not Arthur Williams.

What has he done?? When we look at the past history of the House of Representative from our Beaufort County District a number of people in Raleigh think we are a joke. And until Bill Cook was elected there has been no real voice there for the East. Based on his voting record, Bill was voted by the Civitas Institute fourth most effective conservative Representative in the General Assembly his first term in office. He also became known as "his own man". Then the RALEIGH ESTABLISHMENT threw him under the bus to get a veto override vote from a few democrats just north of us. BILL TRIED TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE AND NOT THE PARTY. The new machine did not like that.

Now we are back to being influenced by Pig Pickings, the same old political rhetoric that "I can get things done" and "I know my way around the BIG BOYS".

We just got rid of the GOOD OLD BOYS such as Marc Basnight and Jim Black, only to now replace them with Tillis, Arthur and the Senate Caucus and a new group of GOOD OLD BOYS to go along to get along and continue to have the General Assembly, as a whole, look at us like we have done the usual and supplied another crop of clowns to dance on their string.

The new crop of Conservative Candidates do not look like the "Boss Hogs" and "Slick Willies" we have groomed in the past. They now look like regular people and grandmothers and non-lawyers and business people who are trying to go to Raleigh to be true Patriots and represent the best interest of the people.

We do not need to lose the ground that we have won by falling for the Bovine Scat that this group of GOOD OLD BOY WANNABE POLITICAL HACKS are peddling for Arthur Williams. We don't need to let a new Network of "we will tell you what is good for you in the East" while we grow in the Great State of Mecklenburg and the middle of the State and "we will tell you how to vote."

Excuse me while I barf!

Buzz Cayton

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    Some in Raleigh like ''yes men'' - Williams is a proven ''yes ma
    July 02, 2012 | 02:25 PM

    What some so-called leaders in Raleigh look for is ''yes men'' who will do what they are told, whether it is in the interests of their constituents or not. They don't want legislators that hold up the process to stand for principle or the interests of their district. A candidate that is all about advancing themselves and has no discernable principles fits their bill exactly. Unfortuately this is what Tillis has been promoting across the state and it is undermining the Republican Party.

    Williams was handed over $200,000 in contributions by corrupt former liberal Democrat House Speaker Jim Black to win his election. In return, he openly told the press ''I am Jim Black's man'' and rubberstamped whatever Black wanted in the legislature. Black, of course, later went to federal prison for corruption. More of his network should have joined him but the feds were satisfied with prosecuting Black.

    Tillis expects that Williams will be the same rubber stamp for him as he was for Black, but he may get a rude awakening as Williams also owes too many political greenstamps to Democrat kingpins like David Moore.

    Of course, Tillis himself started out as a ''yes man'' for Black's Republican partner in corruption, Richard Morgan. Morgan recruited Tillis in 2004 to run in the GOP primary against vocal conservative leader Rep. John Rhodes (R-Mecklenburg) and showered him with money to outspend Rhodes.

    All Williams knows how to do is be somebody's go-fer.

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    July 03, 2012 | 05:16 AM

    The flyer that Arthur distributed indicated (among other things) that we should not vote for his opponent because she has only been a resident here for 6 years or so. The question that one of my friends suggested is "How long must one be a Republican before they can run as a Republican??" A really good question...

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    Yes and no: and the answer is!
    July 03, 2012 | 09:00 AM

    Arthur Williams is a proven yes man. Didn't he say he was Jim Black's man? Now he is offering himself as Thom Tillis' man. The problem is that Speaker Tillis is from Mecklenburg County not from the 6th District. Eastern Carolinians need their own representative, so thank you, no, Speaker Tillis!

    "How long must one be a Republican before they can run as a Republican??" Since October 13, 2011! That's when Mr Williams had to implement plan C. Plan A didn't work out when he lost his House seat to Bill Cook. Plan B didn't work out when he lost his bid for selection to Marc Basnight's Senate seat. Poor Arthur was out of options as a Democrat. So, then he became a liflong Republican in a Democrat's body with a Democrat's voting record, and he just had to burst out of the closet. Well, according to him.

    And that slimey flyer? Was he insinuating some kind of morality issue? Does he really want to go there?? Yeah, the silly season is making me sick too.

    P. Henry
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    Williams would represent Mecklenburg again
    July 03, 2012 | 03:11 PM

    Williams was a yes man for Jim Black, who was from Mecklenburg County. Now, he wants to be a yes man for Thom Tillis who is from Mecklenburg county. Maybe Williams should move to Mecklenburg county and run there if he wants to represent it so much.

    Mecklenburg has enough legislators (8 or 9 I think). It does not need another one.

    As to Williams and morality issues. He really does not need to go there. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Too many people know Williams sordid personal history. Ask around.

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